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Can we make the world a better place?

Our answer:
Start with yourself! Right, where you are and now! And the world will surely change.

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About us

The Company

Websightful UG is a small private establishment based in the capital of Germany, Berlin. The company was bootstrapped at the beginning of 2021.

We value progress, sustainability, self-fulfillment, and harmony. We believe that human beings should always be trying to improve themselves and their surroundings in an ideal world. People should accept the diversity of others' opinions and truths and find the most essential personal truths and values that they could live by. We believe that progressive, mindful, and harmonious individuals can change the world for good!

At Websightful UG, we create online platforms where we manifest our values, aiming to improve individuals and societies' well-being.


The Founder

Aidas Bendoraitis, the founder of Websightful UG, was in search of finding himself for a lot of years. He was always interested in making the most of his days and becoming the best version of himself. Now he is sure that perfection is a never-ending journey, but we can achieve excellence in what we choose to aim for.

Aidas is interested in psychology, science fiction, futurism, progress, sustainability, web development, social media, cultures, art, traveling. He enjoys non-fictional audiobooks, self-development videos, online courses, TED talks.

For over 2 decades, Aidas has been working on web and mobile projects, mostly in the cultural and tourism industries. He is also the co-author of the Django Web Development Cookbook. Besides that, during his free time, Aidas showed interest in casual games and VR apps.

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